{January 14, 2008}   clipper practicing pole dancing

we went to this bar saturday called the sterling hotel in allentown and…


{January 9, 2008}   old stuff 2…

{January 9, 2008}   old stuff…

{January 2, 2008}   new year for that.

hennesy sarah

click that to see the woman who drank the rest of catfish’s hennesy. new years party was fun. rick thorne was there but he passed out before 12. kid rock made us all watch homemade sex tapes. funny tunney bought me a sony cybershot with a gig memory stick so i can include more photos in my deucespace. with that in mind,check my 21 year old bartender friend out:


{December 30, 2007}   everyday i’m hustlin’

rick ross click here to see one of my odd tattoos. happy new years!

{December 27, 2007}   happy holidays!

it’s a bit late but i just finished celebrating last night. my mom ordered me a digital camera,so expect more pictures soon. i’m taking the camera everywhere.

{December 24, 2007}   clipper is on bulldog!

jimmy mac from bulldog called him today and offered him a spot on the pro team! he was previously flowed a frame from jimmy mac(owner of bulldog bikes).

{December 22, 2007}   clipper riding trails

little devil trails jam ’05 or ’06 from the deuce on Vimeo.

{December 22, 2007}   clipper web promo

clipper web promo from the deuce on Vimeo.

{December 22, 2007}   bad as hell roadtrip ’03

bad as hell roadtrip 1.18.03 from the deuce on Vimeo.

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